Virtual College of Texas


What We Offer

Thank you for thinking of VCT! The Virtual College of Texas supports course exchanges among the TACC community colleges in Texas.

We do not recruit students – we are here to fill educational gaps and help students progress through degree and certificate plans. Most students served by VCT come from smaller, rural college with limited course inventories. We do not currently serve university, out-of-state, or international students. We are not a college. We are a collaborative unit of the Texas community colleges.

Is Your Student A Candidate?

The Virtual College of Texas is designed to support community college students in Texas.

The Virtual College of Texas will support four-year Texas university students ONLY if they are also currently enrolled at a Texas community college.

In some instances, it may benefit your student to enroll and register directly with the college providing the course instead of utilizing the VCT system.

Courses are available to your student at his or her local community college if:

  • The local college participates in VCT as a host college. Several of the larger urban colleges do not participate because their large course inventories supply their student demand.
  • The desired course(s) are listed in the VCT Course Schedule for the semester in which the student needs the course.
  • The local college approves the course.

Why must the course be approved?

The local (host) college transcripts the course as if it were their own course, so it MUST align with a course in their inventory. This is a SACSCOC mandate and is not flexible.

For more information, and to see if VCT is a good fit for your student, please contact your local VCT Coordinator. The local college VCT Coordinator facilitates the student registration in the course.

Advisor Checklist

Answers to ALL the questions should be Yes!

  1. Is my student a current Texas community college student?
  2. Does my student's local college participate as a host college in VCT?
  3. Is the course my student needs available on the current VCT course schedule?
  4. Does my student have the local college's departmental approval to take this course?