Virtual College of Texas


Taken anonymously from Student Evaluations in response to the query:
How has VCT helped you progress toward your educational goals?

VCT has allowed me the opportunity to stay at home and complete my associate’s degree at Temple College while also working toward my bachelor’s degree with Texas State. VCT is a great way to get the classes you need, in the time that you have. I have loved each and EVERY class that I have taken through VCT!! I love how things are set up and I seem to learn a lot more than I do in a regular college class. Not only am I completing the required basic classes that I need I am also learning and growing toward becoming a better college student - a student who will one day become a teacher and will be teaching the next generations.
It has moved me closer toward an additional associate degree...this time in Art. I would love to be able to complete a Bachelor's in Fine Art. Most art classes are three hours long twice a week. Online class is pretty much my only option. Professor Kitchen's painting class has been great for me. I have learned a lot and I am very proud of the paintings I have made.
VCT made all the difference! I am only able to take online courses with my current work schedule. This class also helped me get my educational goal back on track since it was a requirement prior to taking any additional hours. Thank you for offering it online.
I really enjoyed this class, I would definitely refer this class to another student. I will ALWAYS refer VCT to anyone wanting to take a college class!!!!!! I LOVE VCT! Thank you for helping me to complete my college education! I am the 1st in my family to graduate college. I will be graduating this MAY 2016 with my associate’s degree all thanks to VCT having the right courses available for me!
It helped me obtain the credit I needed that my current college didn't provide. I liked that the course would be on my current transcript, making transferring to a university easier.
VCT has helped my career goals tremendously by offering classes online to fit my busy schedule. VCT also offers classes online which are needed for my degree plan that are not always offered by my host college.
I would have had to take time off from work to attend a lecture/lab if this course had not been available online. I successfully completed the course and now have the required credit for graduation.
I was able to take a course that is not offered at the satellite campus closest to me. This allowed for me to continue with my degree program without interfering with my work and home schedules.
The instructor of this course really made the difference for me. My professor was always helpful, prompt in responding to questions, and actually checked in on me a few times just to see if things were going ok. The instructor really made the difference.
This has been a great online class. With our lives being so busy these days, this class has allowed me to further my education without having to go to a structured-timed classroom. There was ample time to do our work assignments and easy to read instructions. If I did not understand something, my instructor would explain it further through email or I could have called her. Once again, this class has been great for me.
My overall experience with taking a VCT course was excellent. Harder than expected but a great learning experience.

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